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Maid Brigade Launches GREEN TV Web Casts

Maid Brigade, a national residential cleaning company, strengthens its authority as a green advocate through the launch of a series of educational web casts about green living. The series pinpoints hidden dangers found in the home generated by cleaning products and other indoor air pollutants.

Vermont is the greenest state in the U.S.

Forbes announced the results to their first-ever list of America’s Greenest States. Thanks to low carbon dioxide emissions and strong policy regulations to reduce smog and ozone pollution, Vermont topped the list with Oregon and Washington rounding out the top three.

Green MBAs seek to balance profit and planet

Business schools across the country are beginning to introduce coursework into their programs that balances the economy with ecology. MBA programs, similar to the one offered by Stanford Graduate School of Business, are encouraging students to become leaders who help companies maximize their profits while minimizing their environmental impact.

More cities join anti-bottled water movement

Cities around the country are joining influential restaurateurs and activists in a public campaign to convince consumers to choose tap water over bottles. Critics say bottled water wastes energy and resources through production of plastic bottles and energy used in the shipping process.

Reduce carbon footprints while vacationing

If you are looking to be socially and environmentally conscientious while traveling, check out Green Vacation Hub. This resource helps tourists find green lodging and is raising awareness of the importance of green travel among travelers and hoteliers.

TV's budding 'green' shows aim to entertain to save the planet

In the coming months, TV channels will be offering the widest range ever of "green" programs, from documentaries to dramas and even telenovelas, including eco-friendly family and celebrity reality shows offering participants a chance to win the cash they save from changing their lifestyles and guzzling less energy. Let’s just hope some of them make it to the States.

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to ... Al Gore

Former vice president Gore shares the Nobel Prize with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for their efforts to bring global attention to man-made climate change and lay the foundations for counteracting it.

Hotel Chains Grapple With Meaning of Green

As a growing number of hotel chains are trying to become more environmentally friendly, they are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory cluttered with "green" products and hype – but without many reliable guideposts for what's effective. Major corporations are studying options as they make decisions on far-reaching environmental initiatives intended to appeal to consumers with a conscience.

Green Concert Lives Up To Name

Dave Matthews Band was the headline act for The Green Concert at Piedmont Park in Atlanta during September. The event helped raise more than $1 million for the park's expansion, which is set to begin later this fall. The Green Concert for Piedmont Park was the latest in a series of special concerts Dave Matthews Band has played to benefit some of the United States' most treasured parks, including New York City's Central Park and San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Looking Back at a Green 2007 - Looking Forward to a Greener 2008

Last year was considered by many to be the year “green” went mainstream. In 2007, corporations initiated environmentally-friendly efforts, politicians endorsed green bills and consumers looked for ways to live an eco-friendly life on a daily basis. What will 2008 bring?

San Francisco Leads the Charge in Eco-Friendly Building Developments

A “green building” revolution has encouraged large cities like San Francisco to enact rigorous standards on private building developments. These standards will minimize environmental impact by reducing energy use and waste production.

Tropical Beach Resort Goes Green

The Sunset Waters Beach Resort, located on an island off the north coast of Venezuela, recently built a water-waste treatment facility near the hotel’s entrance that uses the recycled water for trees and flowers around the island. Many beach resorts are following this new practice to conserve natural resources.

FTC Reviews Guidelines for Green Claims

In recent years, the Federal Trade Commission has pursued few cases alleging that companies have engaged in deceptive advertising in regard to claims about their "green" practices. But that could change to some extent next year.  The FTC is re-examining its "Green Guides", the primary tool in federal regulation of green advertising claims....

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