Meet Annie B. Bond

Nationally acclaimed author and Green Living expert, Annie B. Bond is considered an authoritative voice on the natural lifestyle. In fact, she has recently been named one of the "Top 20 Environmental Leaders" by Body & Soul Magazine. Bond teamed up with Maid Brigade to help educate the public about the positive aspects of green cleaning and promote the company’s Green Clean Certified™ system.

With an expert eye for hidden pollutants, honed by her own experience with chemical poisoning, Bond is a sensitive and insightful teacher. Devastated by the aftereffects of two chemical poisonings in the 1980s, Bond discovered all the hidden toxins in her home during the healing process.

Her first book, Clean and Green (1990) was a bestseller, explaining healthy, nontoxic alternatives to everyday products. Since then Bond has written The Green Kitchen Handbook (1996) and Better Basics for the Home (1999). Her latest book, Home Enlightenment (Rodale 2005), is a comprehensive guide to establishing a naturally healthy home sanctuary.

Bond is lending her expertise to ensure that Maid Brigade’s green cleaning processes and procedures follow the best practices available. She is also serving as the Green Living Expert for Maid Brigade’s campaign to promote awareness of what truly constitutes a fully “green” cleaning and explain what consumers should look for when selecting green products and services.

Bond also is the executive producer of the online progressive community network’s Green Living content where she edits five free newsletters on green living. Her guiding mission is to help people discover the inherent health and harmony that is a byproduct of being surrounded by natural products.

2017 Green Clean Certified
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