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What typically motivates people to “go green?”

-- Anonymous, Atlanta GA

Inspiration to begin living in a more healthful way comes from a variety of sources. A primary motivator for many people comes in the form of their children. Wanting to protect and provide optimal care for precious little ones often incites us to make healthier, greener choices that, ultimately, translate into taking better care of not only our children, but ourselves and the planet as well. I’ve received emails from readers whose lives have transformed by using easy to make products such as easy, DIY soft scrubber formula. One reader wrote that by using the soft scrubber, she no longer got the cleaning headache from the harsh commercial cleaner she’d always used before, and she felt comfortable having her children in the room with her when she cleaned. Using the same gentle scrubber, provided peace of mind when soaking in the tub with no concern about absorbing toxic cleaning residue. And cleaning an oven with my nontoxic oven cleaner relieves any worries of inhaling fumes or ingesting residue produced by commercial cleaners. Making a shift to green living practices can be gentle and easy and the rewards are priceless.

--Annie B. Bond, author of Home Enlightenment (Rodale, 2007) and other books on green living.

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