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3 Ways to Master Your Resolutions

January 2015
?I will lose weight,? ?I will exercise,? ?I will drink more water,? ?I will quit smoking,? ?I will pay off credit cards,? ?I will go to bed earlier,? ?I will schedule more family time,? ?I will schedule me time.? Do any of these sound familiar? It must be resolution time! The year 2014 is now a thing of the past. As we begin 2015, we reflect on the previous year and look forward with enthusiasm to making this one even better. After all, we look at the New Year as a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to break bad habits and set new goals, or a year of trying new things and re-analyzing past goals. Whatever we choose to set our minds to, we all want the same thing: Results.

Green Holiday Decoration Ideas

December 2014
I love the holidays. I love everything about them. As a native New Yorker, going to New York City during the holidays is the best! From the Thanksgiving parade to ice skating under an 85 foot Christmas tree in the middle of New York City, I have experienced it all!

Preparing For A Healthy Fall Season

November 2014
The fall season is one of the busiest times in my home. I am putting away summer items, storing all the patio furniture, getting the inside of the house ready for the cold weather and I am preparing myself mentally for the upcoming holidays. Whew! Just writing it makes me exhausted!

Small Things to be Thankful for in A Big Way

November 2014
"It's the small things in life that count." People have said this to me my entire life, and you know what? It?s true. In two days, people all over the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on our lives, to be grateful for the things we usually take advantage of, and for our families and loved ones that fill our hearts with joy and laughter throughout the year. For some of us, it is a time to "let go" and re-group, and for others, it is a time to think positive and move forward. Whatever path you decide to follow, be thankful for the little things that got you there in the first place.

Health Begins in the Kitchen

October 2014
When we talk about ?living healthy,? most of us think about eating right and exercising regularly. But healthy doesn?t stop there. Take your home, for instance. Is your home clean AND healthy? What about your kitchen? Germs and bacteria are mostly found in the kitchen since it is one of the most used rooms in the home. The kitchen is where food is prepared, children do their homework, and family and friends gather together, which is why the kitchen is an important place to practice good hygiene. How do you keep your kitchen healthy AND clean? Start by going green!

Staying Healthy This School Season

September 2014
The new school season has officially begun! The excitement of new teachers, new classes, and new school clothes fills the air, but unfortunately, so do the germs. With all this talk on the news lately about the EV-D68 enterovirus affecting children, I can't help but think about what germs are lurking around school hallways, classrooms and cafeterias. As a nurse and a mother of three, I am hoping the only thing my children bring home from school this year is homework!

Colleges in America Are Going Green

August 2014

Let’s face it.  Going green is in.  Not only are more Americans changing to eco-friendly ways at home and work, but schools are getting in on protecting our planet.  In fact, many of America’s colleges are not only inspiring students to learn about caring for our environment, they are taking initiatives in changing the colleges themselves to be more eco-friendly.

Get Fit This Summer

July 2014

Welcome summer! I love this time of year. Summer is such a great time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the gorgeous outdoors for the next few months. Here in New York, we learn to appreciate the hot weather because we only have it for a short time. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we try and do as much as we can outdoors, whether it is traveling, camping, going to the beach, working on the garden, or even exercising, we enjoy every minute of it.

Ten Ways to Power Clean Your Home So You Can Enjoy Summer

June 2014

Summer!  A perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and catch up on family time and relaxation!

But what about the house cleaning?  If you’re like me, house cleaning is not on my priority list during the summer months.

But it has to be done….and done right.  So what should you do?

The answer is simple.  Learn how to power clean your home quick and efficiently so you can enjoy the lazy days of summer!



Easy Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

May 2014

Allergens are all around us.  They are substances that are foreign to the body and can trigger allergic reactions in some people.  Some familiar allergens are pollen, mold, and food.  My three children and I all have allergies.  

Appreciating Earth Day

April 2014
Did you know that the first Earth Day was April 22, 1970? Earth Day started because a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson was concerned with the environment after the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Twenty million people celebrated that first year.  Today over 500 million people participate in Earth Day events.

Make Time for You: 5 Things You Can Do For Yourself that Take 10 Minutes or Less

March 2014
It’s been a hectic few weeks. Besides work, chores, errands, homework and children’s afterschool activities seven days a week, I am preparing to shoot a pilot TV show with my good friend and radio co-host Leslie Reichert! The show is called “SLOBS” and I cannot wait to begin filming!

Five Quick Cleanups in Five Minutes or Less

March 2014
Cleaning, I don’t like doing it, but I don’t like when it doesn’t get done. For me, there is nothing better than coming home to a clean house. But with such a hectic schedule these days, it’s hard to set aside a large block of time to clean. Devoting half my day to cleaning always feels like a monumental task too. 

Ditch Those Winter Blues and Look Ahead to Sunnier Skies and Happier Days!

February 2014
Six more weeks of winter, at least that what Pennsylvania’s Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil predicts. As I anxiously await the beginning of this year’s Winter Olympics, eager to cheer on my friend’s son who is representing America on the Men’s Luge team, I cannot wait for warmer weather to arrive. 

Cheers to a Successful Year!

January 2014
Happy 2014! Another year has arrived! One week into the New Year and I have already battled two New York blizzards, one case of the flu and a summons to jury duty! It’s not the way I would have liked to start 2014, but on a positive note, look how much I have accomplished so far!

The 12 Stains of Christmas

December 2013
The holidays are here! What a perfect time to get together with friends and family and celebrate!
December is such a fun time for my family. Relatives from out of town visit. Our Christmas tree is filled with lights and hand-made ornaments from the kids. Special holiday cookies are baking in the oven, and presents are overflowing under the tree. School is out for ten days so there is nothing to do but eat, drink, and be merry!
Amongst all this celebrating, however, are stains, just waiting to show their colors. Don’t let stains ruin your holiday tablecloths and themed sweaters! Be prepared ahead of time to combat any stain that comes your way. 

Easy Ways to Stay Stress-Free Through the Holidays

November 2013
The holiday season is here….let the stress begin!
Every year I have Thanksgiving in my home. Not only am I preparing for the “big dinner,” but I also have to get my home ready for out-of-state guests that stay at my house through the holidays. Add Christmas shopping on top of that and my stress level is at its max! 
The holiday season always brings fun times, new memories, and cherished family time, but if you are not prepared ahead of time, it can get very stressful. The key is to try and keep a good balance. This way you can also relax and enjoy the holidays too.

Save Money by Using Less Energy

October 2013

When I change the light bulbs in my home, am I REALLY making a difference in reducing energy costs?

The answer is YES

During the month of October, we celebrate “Energy Awareness Month.”  It is a time to promote energy awareness and energy savings, and learn what we can do at home to reduce our energy use.

Keeping September Germ-Free

September 2013

And they're off!  The new school season has begun!  As I stand on my front porch blowing kisses and waving to my children as they get on the bus, I can't help but think about all the germ-filled classrooms, just waiting for clean, healthy kids to enter them.

"Think positive," I say to myself.  Let's hope my children can make it through the fall and winter seasons without getting sick.


Great Ideas For Cleaning Your Summer Gear

August 2013

As I look out at the water and watch the sun reflect off the ocean waves, a warm breeze blows across the sand.  Ahh, summer.  I love summers in New York.  Unfortunately, the summer season is almost over.

All those dips in the ocean, trips to the ice cream store, walks on the boardwalk and sunbathing on the sand moments will soon be coming to an end.  All that’s left are wonderful memories, stinky sandals, dirty white t-shirts, chlorine-smelling bathing suits and dirty pool toys!



Who Wants To Spend Their Summer Cleaning?

July 2013

Who wants to spend their summer cleaning?

I know I don’t…and I am sure I am not alone!

Creating An Allergy Symptom-Free Home

May 2013

Spring is in the air, which means allergy season is in full bloom.

My children and I are all allergy sufferers, which is why creating the best home environment for our health is critical.  One way to do this is by knowing and reducing those triggers that cause our asthma and allergies to flare up. 

Reducing Stress In Your Busy Life

April 2013

 The  house is a mess, the kids need a ride to school, the car keys are missing, the dog just got out of the yard, and your boss just scheduled a mandatory meeting first thing this morning... wonder why you feel stressed out.

Good-Bye Winter! Time To "Pre-Spring" Clean!

March 2013
The arrival of March is a very exciting time for me. For us New Yorkers, it means we have one month left of winter. Before we know it, spring will be in full bloom!
Every year during the month of March, I do the same routine. I wrap up my de-cluttering tasks and I start strategizing my “pre-spring” cleaning routine. 
Pre-spring cleaning is the time when I clean all the semi-annual “hard-to-reach” areas in my home. It is a time where I take a short break from my usual cleaning routines and clean the areas that I have left behind.

Mastering an Effective Cleaning Routine

February 2013
Welcome February……the time when we are halfway into hibernation and anxiously awaiting spring. It’s a time to reap the awards from all the de-cluttering you have done in January. February is the perfect month to concentrate on light surface cleaning and dusting around your home. Leave all the deep cleaning until spring and focus on mastering an effective cleaning routine.

A New Year, A New Beginning

January 2013
Happy 2013! How is your new year going so far? 
It has been a long but productive 2012 for me. The end of 2012 was a tough one because Hurricane Sandy turned so many people’s lives around, including fifteen of my relatives…but after an extremely emotional three months, we continue to work hard, move forward and have faith that 2013 will be better.

Healthy Holiday Cleaning

December 2012

The holidays are here and gifts aren’t the only things we are bringing home to our families…

           …dirt, germs, colds, viruses, and anything else that lingers in those crowded stores and on those crowded lines are coming home with us!

Whether we like it or not, it’s true, which is why I cannot think of a better time to start cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting my home. But what is the difference between the three?   

Giving Thanks

November 2012
“What happened, where is the rest of it?”
“It’s gone, it’s all gone.”
She dropped to her knees and sobbed like I have never seen before.
     …This is a conversation I never thought I would have, but unfortunately will always remember.

Free housecleaning? Quick cleaning tips? Count me in!

October 2012

Do you ever feel overworked or stressed?  Do you feel like you are being pulled in all directions at once?  Do you wish you had a little more "me" time to do the things that you want to do?

Well, Maid Brigade can help!

Great Ways to Start the Fall Season off Right

September 2012

September is here! Summer has come and gone and the kids are back in school. As I anxiously await the cooler weather and beautiful fall foliage, I remind myself how September is always the perfect month for me to get “back on track.”

Embracing Time for "Me"

August 2012
I am just too busy. I don’t have time for myself. Sometimes I wish there were two of me. I feel guilty doing something for myself….
Let’s face it. The majority of us live hectic, busy lives. And as we work harder and harder to keep up with this tough economy, life can sometimes seem overwhelming. So when do we find time for ourselves?

Independent You: A State of Well-Being

July 2012


Stress, bills, work, chores, jobs….no wonder most of us have a hard time feeling happy. Sometimes it seems like we live in a constant state of “being overwhelmed.”
But what about all the good we do? Are we ever praised for our efforts we make each day? What about the love we have for ourselves? When was the last time you patted yourself on the back and said, “good job?”

Happy Moving Day!

June 2012
     For some of us, moving can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. It is very difficult to change the emotion of stress into enjoyment and excitement of change and fresh beginnings.

Enjoy An Allergy-Free Spring Season!

May 2012


The spring season is here, and for many Americans, asthma and allergy symptoms are at their worst.

A 2011 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that 40 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma.

Allergy and asthma symptoms can range from mild to severe and are usually triggered by exposure to allergens.  Triggers like air pollution and  high pollen levels are common, but most allergens are hiding out right in your own home.

The Harm in Cleaning with Toxic Chemicals

April 2012

The chemical industry is constantly expanding.  With the growth of strong and harmful household chemicals in the past decades, the potential for illness has also increased. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American home contains 63 regularly purchased hazardous chemical products.  The EPA defines hazardous chemicals as flammable, toxic, corrosive, or reactive.  By volume, these chemicals may total three to ten gallons per household.

Maid Brigade Supports Reading Across America Day

March 2012
The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day takes place every year on March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss. This program focuses on motivating children and teens to read, through events, partnerships, and reading resources. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, community centers, and companies participate by bringing together kids, teens, and books.

Household Chemicals and Behavior

February 2012
Most of us choose cleaning products that will help keep our homes healthy and clean. But some of those products pose several health and environmental concerns. 
According to the U.S. Poison Control Centers, in 2010, cleaning products were responsible for about 9.2% of all toxic exposures.
The Environmental Protection Agency says that the toxic health hazards of cleaning ingredients vary from short-term effects, such as skin irritations, watery eyes, and respiratory infections, to chronic, long-term effects, like cancer.

The Best Advice For Successful New Years Resolutions

January 2012
There is no better time than the present to take stock of your priorities and prepare yourself for the year ahead.
With plenty of motivation, positive reinforcement, and reasonable goals, you can make this year’s resolutions come true. While you want to be successful, you must be realistic in your goal setting.

Make Your Holiday Season Joyous and Green

December 2011


The holiday season is upon us, which is the perfect time to think green.  Here are some great tips to keep you feeling healthy, joyous and environmentally-friendly through this wonderful time of the year:

Ways to Avoid Catching Colds and Flu this Season

November 2011

Autumn weather marks the beginning of cool air, colorful foliage, and the cold and flu season.

According to the American Journal of Medicine, the common cold leads to 75 million to 100 million physician visits annually.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 5 to 20 percent of Americans are infected with the flu virus each year, about 200,000 are hospitalized due to complications from the flu, and more than 3,000 Americans die from flu-related causes each year.


Lowering Your Risk of Breast Cancer

October 2011

October marks National Breast Cancer awareness month, the time of year when women can learn all about breast health.  It is a month filled with fundraising walks, outings, and luncheons, all aimed to benefit research to find a cure and empower women to fight the fight.

According to the American Cancer Society's most recent estimates for breast cancer in the United States for 2011, there are about 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women, and about 39,520 deaths from breast cancer in women.  

About 85% of women who get breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.


Good-Bye Summer, Hello Germs!

September 2011


School is back in session and that means children may start to bring home more than just homework. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 22 million school days are missed annually due to the common cold alone.

Great Mosquito Repelling Tips From Around The World

August 2011
If there is one thing people all around the world can agree on, it is finding a way to get rid of mosquitoes! Most of us want to avoid using chemical-based repellents on our loved ones, but are not sure which natural approaches work.
Throughout my research on finding the best natural mosquito repellent that money can buy, I have come across tons of advice from bloggers all around the world who have found alternatives to chemical-based mosquito repellents that are just as effective. I compiled a list of the most popular tips that I would like to share with you….Enjoy!

This Summer, Take Time For "You"

July 2011

Ah Summer.  There is nothing like it.  As I sit here on the beach overlooking the beautiful ocean waves, I realize how important it is to step out of my stressful, everyday routine and enjoy life, nature, and all the beautiful things that our world has to offer, because those moments are what "recharges" me.

Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green!

June 2011

We have been counting down the days since March - three months until summer, two months, one.  And now that summer's here, it is time to figure out just what to do with all those hours of sunshine and free time.  What should we do with our children this summer?

Home Cleaning to Reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

May 2011


More than 15 million Americans suffer from asthma, a life threatening illness that can cause severe lung inflammation.  It can start at any time in your life, and can be caused by a mix of factors, including your environment (dust mites and house dander in your home), your lifestyle (the toxin levels that you are exposed to), and your genetics.

The Dangers of Toxic Cleaners

April 2011

The chemical industry is constantly expanding.  With the growth of strong and harmful household chemicals in the past decades, the potential for illness has also increased. 


Maid Brigade Book Drive Supports Read Across America Day

March 2011
The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day takes place every year on March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss. This program focuses on motivating children and teens to read, through events, partnerships, and reading resources. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, community centers, and companies participate by bringing together kids, teens, and books.

Staying Healthy this Flu and Infectious Disease Season

February 2011
With all the differing information available about H1N1 and seasonal influenza, it’s no wonder the average person is confused about the cause of these viruses and how best to prevent contamination.

A New Year, A Greener You!

January 2011

Happy New Year! In the beginning of every year, most of us take a few moments to think about our lives and consider the goals we would like to accomplish, and then set resolutions. While it seems that a great many of those resolutions involve things like losing weight and making money, wouldn’t it be great if we all decided to live a little greener in 2011? 

End Of Year Holiday Cleaning Tips

December 2010

As we approach the end of 2010 and look forward to the beginning of a new year, I thought it would be nice to leave you with some great cleaning tips that I have gotten from friends, family members, and co-workers along the way.  Use them wisely and share them with your friends so that this year's holiday cleaning can be fun and "green" for us all!

Proper Cleaning for Flu Season

November 2010

Cold and flu season is now upon us!  This is the time of year when most of us are concerned about keeping ourselves and our families "germ-free".

We already know the precautions about covering our coughs and sneezes, washing our hands frequently, keeping our hands and fingers away from our faces, and keeping a distance from infectious people...

...but what if the infectious person is someone you live with or work with?

Maid Brigade Celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2010

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time when people become more educated about the signs of breast cancer, its symptoms, and how to help prevent it. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, one of every eight women will learn they have invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.

Fall Disinfecting

September 2010

September is here!  Summer is winding down, the new school year has begun, and autumn weather is quickly approaching.  For many of us, the first sign of autumn isn't just a yard full of leaves.  It's the sneezes, sniffles, asthma, and a variety of germs that follow, especially if you have children.

Helping Others Live A Greener, Healthier Life

August 2010

Last year, my husband and I were asked to be part of a new reality TV series called Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.  Robbins chose six families, all with different struggles in their lives, and helped them overcome tough obstacles to get back on the right track.  The show recently aired two of its six series.

What Chemicals are in Your Cosmetics?

July 2010

Did you ever try to read the ingredients on the back of a bottle of shaving cream or face wash?  You probably read things like, "propylene glycol, quaternary ammonium compound, or nonylphenols."  What the label didn't tell you is that these ingredients are all known to be hazardous chemicals, in some cases causing bronchial asthma, gastritis, skin irritation, and even death.

Green Ways to Prevent Mold, Mildew, and Bugs

June 2010

The hot weather has finally arrived, which means summer is almost here.  Summer brings lots of good times and family fun, but it also brings heat, humidity, mold, mildew and bugs!

Throughout the month of June, Maid Brigade will be discussing non-toxic ways to prevent and remove mold and mildew in and outside the home, plus offer green cleaning tips on keeping your home "mildew-free."   For those interested in a "bug-free" summer, we will also be discussing different kinds of natural insect pest control.  Log on to for more information.

Make this summer a happy, healthy, and "green" summer for you and your family!


Spring Cleaning For Allergy Sufferers

May 2010

In a recent survey by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, about 20 percent of the U.S. population suffer from allergies and asthma, and their conditions are exacerbated by the tiny dry particles floating around our homes.  The natural response to this is to keep our homes sparkling clean, but unfortunately some of the products we use to rid our home of allergens contain irritating ingredients themselves. 

Do You Know What Chemicals Are In Your Cleaners?

April 2010

When it comes to household cleaners, consumers have little or no information about the chemicals contained in these products and there is no legal requirement for full ingredient labeling.  Don't you have a right to know what is inside the cleaners you use in your home and around your families?

Introducing Marie

March 2010

As Maid Brigade’s new Consumer Health Advocate, I believe that “green” living is such an important step in healthy living. I feel there are still so many people that are confused with what is “green and healthy” for their families and the environment and what is not, especially when it comes to green products and green cleaning. I can understand how doing research on this topic can be very time consuming, so through my role as Consumer Health Advocate, I plan to do the research and keep our readers informed about proper green cleaning and how this way of life is healthier for our families. This way you can focus your time on more important things in life.

Go With Chemical-Free Cleaning in 2010!

February 2010
There are many easy (requiring no work), unexpected and ground breaking, as well as new yet routine ways to go with chemical-free cleaning in 2010. What do I mean by chemical-free? Easy, smart ways to get the job done without chemical products –even natural ones-- and how.

2009 Holiday Crisis Cleaning Tips

December 2009

The holidays tend to present more emergency cleaning challenges than other times of year. This month Annie shares her helpful green cleaning tips  to ease your stress this holiday season!

Five Safer, Green Ways to Kill Germs

October 2009
With fears of Swine Flu (H1N1 Flu) running rampant, most people are looking into how to kill germs.  What to use that is safe and healthy but will work?

Well and Warm in Bed

September 2009
Here in upstate New York, the air has a slight touch of fall, just enough to hint at the frigid winter months ahead and to put stacking firewood on my list of chores. As I found myself reaching for that sweater for the third time this week, I started thinking about some of the pleasures of winter: Steaming hot chai, reading on the couch in front of the woodstove with the dogs at my feet, and my pure wool comforter keeping me warm at night.

Home Office Haven

August 2009
Working out of a home office has been a godsend for me, especially when my daughter was growing up. I was here on snow days, when she was sick, and when she got off the bus. I’ve also been able to drop a commute, work in my PJs, and work in an indoor air quality haven—important for me because I am chemically sensitive, but something I wish was common for offices everywhere.

All About Bamboo

July 2009
What is it about bamboo? If you haven’t already, get a feel for the “hand” of bamboo fabric by reaching out and touching it. (You can feel bamboo towels at Bed Bath & Beyond and bamboo sheets at Target, bamboo is now that mainstream.) You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. It is soft, inviting, restful. Even the bamboo floor I had installed in one room feels soft against my bare feet, even though it is in fact a very hard wood. There seems to be a compelling energy about it that you feel when you touch it.

Naturally Pest Free Gardens

June 2009

They say that spring moves up the coast 15 miles a day. Sadly, this beautiful time of change is also heralded by the drift of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides from commercial and private spraying.

Pure Pet Care

May 2009
While brushing my dog Sammy today, I was mulling over  the fact that I don’t brush either of my dogs enough, and I probably wouldn’t have been brushing Sammy if he wasn’t shedding so badly that black hair was lying in clumps all over the house every few days. But part way through being hard on myself I thought, but wait, I give them a life free of pesticides and other poisons, and the healthiest, most natural food available. That is a gift to them. What follows is what I do in this way.

Clean the Air with Spring Cleaning

April 2009
Spring cleaning goes above and beyond normal weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routines. While there are many tried-and-true techniques for top-to-bottom cleaning that have stood the test of time and come down through the ages, spring cleaning offers a great opportunity to consider implementing contemporary cleaning products and methods.

Greening for the Generations

March 2009
How family traditions help to foster a green lifestyle for our children and generations to come.

Home Safe Home: Ten Toxic Targets

February 2009

It can be overwhelming to detoxify your home, but if you have young children and are of childbearing age, it will most likely be an anxiety-provoking priority of yours. Where to start? What to do? What to believe? I recommend you pay attention to these Top Ten Toxic Targets in your home. 

Easy Tips for Going Green

January 2009

Here are a few simple tips that anyone can implement to make their home greener and healthier in 2009!

10 Green Trends and Choices for 2009

December 2008

My friend and colleague Carl Frankel wrote a nice blog recently about the economic collapse, and he ends with, “Here's what I keep asking myself: would I exchange increased financial insecurity, and even some personal hardship, for a world rescued from eco-collapse? And of course the answer is, in a heartbeat, yes.” I spoke to him on the phone and he elaborated, saying

Green Pioneers: One Person CAN Make a Difference

November 2008

Some of the  most powerful and impressive green movements were started by one individual with a visionary inspiration.  Here we feature several pioneers of the green movement.

Natural Nails for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2008

Plastics have snuck up on us in the most unexpected places, including our bodies.  Who knew that the ingredient to make plastic soft , known as phthalates, are found in perfume oil solvents and the resulting fragrance, paper coatings, adhesives, printing inks, air fresheners, and nail polish? We might have thought to look at our plastic food packages, but air fresheners? Nail polish?

Ways to Enjoy the Abundant Harvest

September 2008
A simple September meal of farmers’ market fare including sweet and juicy heirloom tomatoes, grilled sweet corn and miraculous peaches is a highlight to savor through all the eating experiences of the year. There seems to be a joyful resonance in the sweetness that is transmitted to us, that we can taste. At the very least, our taste buds sing and we revel in the show-stopping flavors.

Five Steps to A Chemical Free School

August 2008
When we think about what it takes to raise a child to become a healthy adult, many things come to mind - including love, nourishment and a good education. However even the most loving parent might not think of establishing a sanctuary for their children to protect them from toxic chemicals that can interfere with the natural growth of their central nervous and endocrine systems, and other aspects of their body’s development.

Hosting a Green Summer Barbecue

July 2008
To me, eco-friendly to me is synonymous with people-friendly, so when I think of hosting a green barbeque the first thing I think of is providing a happy and healthy atmosphere. To me that means clean, fresh air, free from bugs; vibrant food; colorful flowers; pure, refreshing drinks; and the ability to adapt and adjust to the weather for everyone’s comfort.

Holiday Crisis Cleaning Tips

December 2007

The holidays tend to present more emergency cleaning challenges than other times of year. This month Annie shares her helpful green cleaning tips  to ease your stress this holiday season!

Deter Those Dust Mites!

November 2007
You may be harboring some unknown and unwelcome guests in your home - DUST MITES! These spiderlike arachnids thrive on dust and play a strong role in the development of asthma and allergies.

Top Four Myths About Green Cleaning

October 2007

This consumer fact might ring a bell for you: A consistent finding in polls shows that people are very well intentioned towards their health and the environment but that they don’t know how to implement solutions to address their concerns in their everyday lives. Many consumers don’t understand that “green” living, in today’s terms, is as much about health as it is about the environment. There are several people who refuse to use green cleaners because they don’t smell strong enough to thoroughly clean a surface. You’d be amazed how often people make the judgment about “clean” related to the smell of commercial products.

2018 Green Clean Certified
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