A New Year, A New Beginning

January 2013

Happy 2013! How is your new year going so far? 

It has been a long but productive 2012 for me. The end of 2012 was a tough one because Hurricane Sandy turned so many people’s lives around, including fifteen of my relatives…but after an extremely emotional three months, we continue to work hard, move forward and have faith that 2013 will be better.

It’s a new year. Time to reflect on the past and see what worked and what didn’t. I have to admit, Hurricane Sandy brought out the best and worst of people, especially me. The bad was difficult to deal with, but the good was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So many people gave (and continue to give) up their time to help others. I still get emotional when I think about it. The kindness and caring that people have shown will truly be something I will hold close to my heart and will never forget. Seeing these kind people give so much of their lives to help others has made me a better person. Because of this, not a day goes by that I don’t reach out and take that extra step to make someone’s day a little brighter. (even if it the littlest thing like giving an extra dollar for a tip, smiling and saying hello, or running up to hold the door open for someone.) Sometimes the little things in life mean so much more.

The month of January and the start of the New Year is always an exciting time for me. It is a time to reflect on the past year and decide how we want the next one to be. The future is in front of us and there are hopes of new beginnings and fresh starts. January is a great time to reflect, refocus, rebuild, and set goals. I look forward with anticipation of what the New Year will bring. I look forward to a new spring and summer. But most of all, I look forward to making changes in the New Year.

When setting goals for the New Year, keep in mind that sometimes goals are based on changing behaviors and breaking old habits, which can be tough at times. But don’t give up. Take baby steps if needed.   

Implementing change and making it a habit may not be easy. Take one step at a time. Try changing one new behavior first, then move on to the next. Start with one that you think is most achievable, then build on that success.

Even if you achieve one goal, you are moving forward. Believe in yourself, and believe that your goals can happen.

Break your goals into objectives, set due dates and develop action plans to accomplish your goals. Check back on your goals often.

When things change, re-evaluate. Don’t continue with the same old plan if it no longer applies. 

Get comfortable with change. Change impacts everyone, every day, everywhere. If things aren’t going the way you want, don’t make excuses. Change your strategy, change your thinking or change your reaction.

Surround yourself with positive people who will support you and pick you up when you fall down. This way you will stay on the right track. 

This year, don’t forget about you! Learn to adopt a healthier lifestyle so you can stay balanced and improve the quality of your life.

Best of luck in 2013!  

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