Do You Know What Chemicals Are In Your Cleaners?

April 2010

When it comes to household cleaners, consumers have little or no information about the chemicals contained in these products and there is no legal requirement for full ingredient labeling.

There are dangerous chemicals found in your everyday household cleaning products that are linked to cancer, early puberty, birth defects and asthma.  For example, 2-butoxyethanol, a highly toxic substance found in floor cleaners, has been linked to respiratory problems and liver damage, and ammonium quaternary compounds, which are found in disinfectant sprays and ammonia cleaners have been identified as inducers of occupational asthma.  You have a right to know what is inside the cleaners you use in your home and around your families.

Senator Al Franken and Congressman Steve Israel introduced the Household Product Labeling Act (H.R. 3057) so that consumers can get all the facts about the products they use in their homes everyday.  This act will require manufacturers of cleaning products to bear labels that state complete and accurate ingredients, so consumers can make an informed choice about what products they bring into their homes.

In this legislation, a household cleaning product is defined as any substance which is produced for use in or around a home.  For example, cleaning agents, pesticides, epoxy, paint and stains are all household products.

Join Maid Brigade and help spread the word about the Household Product Labeling Act.  Let us know how you feel about chemicals in your household products.


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