Embracing Time for "Me"

August 2012
I am just too busy. I don’t have time for myself. Sometimes I wish there were two of me. I feel guilty doing something for myself….
Let’s face it. The majority of us live hectic, busy lives. And as we work harder and harder to keep up with this tough economy, life can sometimes seem overwhelming. So when do we find time for ourselves?
Personally, trying to find thirty minutes each day of uninterrupted “sanity time” can be a challenge of its own. Between work, school, family time, and children’s activities that require my attention, trying to juggle daily responsibilities each day can get a little overwhelming. When I do get a free moment, I feel guilty taking time out for myself.
Many of us have a goal of creating more personal time. Why? Because when we take time for ourselves and relax, or do the things that we like to do, we feel healthy, happy and energized. Having personal time helps us de-stress. It gives us the inner strength and peace that we need to be able to go forward and accomplish all that we need to do. 
How can we find more personal time? By becoming smarter at how we manage our time. We are all worthy of love and attention. We need personal time for our well-being. It makes us realize what is important to us. Denying ourselves personal time can lead to overwhelmed and un-balanced feelings.
How can we schedule “me” time in our busy lives? 
Acknowledge that we deserve personal time. Self-time equals self-care. Don’t feel guilty for taking time out for yourself.
Figure out how you want to spend your free time. What can you do in a half hour that will help you feel relaxed, energized, and happy?
Realize areas where you waste time and try to reorganize your responsibilities. Are you constantly checking emails or on the computer? Are you making extra trips to the supermarket each week? 
Ask for help with chores that others can help you with, like grocery shopping, folding laundry, cleaning dishes, or cooking.
Every Sunday, plan out a calendar and include time slots for all the things you would like to accomplish during the week.  Include at least fifteen to twenty minutes of personal time each day. 
Learn to say “NO” to things that you don’t really want to do or that don’t bring you satisfaction. You will feel a lot better!
You should not feel guilty about taking time out for yourself. “Me” time is just taking a little bit of time out for yourself each day so you can relax, re-evaluate, and re-energize. This way you can accomplish what you need to with enjoyment.
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