Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green!

June 2011

We have been counting down the days since March - three months until summer, two months, one.  And now that summer's here, it is time to figure out just what to do with all those hours of sunshine and free time.  What should we do with our children this summer?

Luckily, there are some green solutions to explore.  

Summer is the perfect time to appreciate the environment, better the planet, and volunteer your time. The hot summer months are perfect for spending quality time with Mother Nature, so, grab your sunhat, sunblock, and sandals and try some of these eco-friendly activities: 

Walking/Hiking.  This summer, plan out walks in beautiful, nature-stocked places. Visit state and national parks for a family-friendly day of viewing forests, wildlife, and historic sites. Head out for a hike on a mountain trail or forest reservation. Families with small children may want to stick to basic nature trails, whereas more experienced hikers might prefer to try bigger mountains. If hiking is not for you, taking a walk on the beach is just as beautiful.   

Volunteer.  Volunteering doesn’t have to be limited to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Try something more in your area of expertise. Organize a coastline clean-up, or sign up for a charitable walk, run, or bike race for your favorite cause. Whatever you choose, use your spare time to help others.

Exercise Outdoors.  What better way to appreciate nature than with a morning bike ride or outdoor yoga session? Take advantage of beautiful weather and exercise outside. Go running by the beach or on a nature trail. Join an outdoor yoga or Pilates class. Bike, roller blade, or even skateboard a few miles for a fun, simple workout. Just get out there and get moving!

Staycations.  Living on a budget?  Make the most out of where you live.  Whether it's the zoo, the beach, the library, family-friendly movies in the park after sundown, or just the local playgrounds, there are always local activities that gets kids out, active, and encourages their imaginations to run wild.


Backyard Camping.  If traveling to a state park to camp out for a few days is not in your budget, try camping in the backyard!  Kids can pitch a tent, catch lighting bugs, tell ghost stories late at night, and even have their friends over for an outside sleepover.

Picnic.  Summer is the perfect time for outdoor picnics!  Just remember to recycle and try to buy natural, organic foods.  Buy fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Outdoor Games. Summer is not the same without a few games of hide and go seek or hopscotch.  Get creative by helping your kids create a neighborhood scavenger hunt, or have a game of Twister on the lawn. 

Swimming Holes.  Public pools are lots of fun but it can be even more enjoyable to find a swimming hole where kids can swim and explore outdoors in nature. Search your local guidebooks and online resources to find a natural location where your kids can swim and play. A rope swing or a waterfall will give you extra bonus points with your kids.

However you decide to spend your days of summer, make sure you have fun, stay safe, and live green!

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