Giving Thanks

November 2012
“What happened, where is the rest of it?”
“It’s gone, it’s all gone.”
She dropped to her knees and sobbed like I have never seen before.
     …This is a conversation I never thought I would have, but unfortunately will always remember.
      The aftermath of hurricane Sandy has left many people homeless. Those who once had the simplest things like food, shelter, clothing, heat and electricity, now have nothing.
     I have fifteen relatives that live on the south shore of Long Island, New York that have been affected by hurricane Sandy. Two homes were lost completely and the other thirteen had their main floors, garages, cars and boats destroyed. Most of them still do not have heat or power to this day. The neighborhood that I grew up in looked like a war zone. It was absolutely heartbreaking.
     As I watch my mother scrambling through the streets sifting through muck, oil and gasoline, trying to find even a trace of something that wasn’t destroyed, like her photo albums, her good china, or other valuable contents that were swept out of her home, I wonder how we are all going to get through this. The weather is turning cold and my mother just lost everything she owned.   
     ….But we are getting through this…it is tough, but we are.
     I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to all of those people that have donated their time to help our community and those in need after the hurricane. The outpouring of kindness and generosity that I have experienced these last few weeks is something I will cherish forever. 
     Because it’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to end this article with a two minute video that I found of a reporter who tells how his heart was touched by a man he met for only a short time. The message that the reporter is trying to give is exactly how I feel. Please watch it and pass it on. 
     Happy Thanksgiving.  


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