This Summer, Take Time For "You"

July 2011

Ah Summer.  There is nothing like it.  As I sit here on the beach overlooking the beautiful ocean waves, I realize how important it is to step out of my stressful, everyday routine and enjoy life, nature, and all the beautiful things that our world has to offer, because those moments are what "recharges" me.

When we take time out to "stop and smell the roses," we are giving our systems a break from our stressful thoughts, feelings and activities.  These breaks rejuvenate our spirits, clear our minds and refresh our energy so that we can face our days, our challenges, and our responsibilities with renewed clarity and refreshed perspective.
There are so many things to do in any given day.  Lists seem to grow by themselves overnight.  So many of us walk around overwhelmed, stressed and resentful of the things that we are responsible for in our lives.  When did life get so complicated and where did all the joy go?  It seems like there is not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on the "to do" list.
Stress can cause problems with your heart, blood pressure, and sleep cycles.  It can affect your physical and emotional health and make you very sick over time. 
The benefits of relaxation, recreation, and meditation are both physical and emotional.  If you have no emotional stamina, supporting your family, spouse, and children is almost impossible.
Self-care is a vital part of emotional, physical, and mental well-being.  When we take care of ourselves, our energy is restored and we feel more alive and vibrant.  Daily stresses are easier to manage.  The "me time" guilt WILL dissipate when you discover that caring for yourself a little bit each day increases your productivity overall.  
For the rest of the summer, take time out to get to know "you."  Learn to love yourself again.  Learn that it is healthy to take care of yourself.  Start small with just a few minutes each day.  Take a hot shower or bath at the end of the day.  Get together with a friend for an hour a day each week.  Walk outside in the middle of the day to clear your head and breathe in fresh air.  It doesn't matter what activity you choose, as long as you add it into your life.
So go ahead!  Delegate those chores, set up babysitting appointments, hire a green cleaning company to clean for the rest of the summer, and go have fun!  After all...YOU DESERVE IT!
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