January 2015

3 Ways to Master Your Resolutions

?I will lose weight,? ?I will exercise,? ?I will drink more water,? ?I will quit smoking,? ?I will pay off credit cards,? ?I will go to bed earlier,? ?I will schedule more family time,? ?I will … Read More.

Meet Marie Stegner

Marie Stegner is Maid Brigade's Consumer Health Advocate. A registered nurse, professional health and wellness manager and mother of three, Marie answers the call for more consumer education and advocacy related to the impact of common household chemicals on our health and the environment. Marie believes that consumers have a right to know of real and potential risks associated with the ingredients in products we rely on for everyday tasks, including but not limited to house cleaning, so they can make informed decisions for the well-being of our families.

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I am totally uneducated about green anything. And yet, I know I should learn more and have a
One place to start going green is by removing … Read More

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Did YOU know there are hidden toxins in common household products which can cause a broad range of health problems, from a mild headache to severe illness?

Scientists are beginning to identify links between household toxins and many illnesses, including breast cancer. Watch as Maid Brigade's Consumer Health Advocate Marie Stegner explores the potential health risks associated with cleaning chemicals and discusses ways to protect your family's health.  Read more.


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