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May 2008

A popular house cleaning service has traded in the chemicals for a more eco-friendly approach.
The Maid Brigade cleaning service has been around for awhile, but it recently underwent a massive overhaul. Now instead of using conventional cleaning products, the service uses everything "green." In fact, it's the first residential cleaning service to get federally recognized for its eco-friendliness.
"As of now we are the only national residential cleaning service that is completely green certified," explained Greg Niklas, General Manager of Maid Brigade of Portland.
All the products it uses are eco-friendly and contain no harsh chemicals. Even the vacuums the service uses are"green seal" certified.
The Oregon Environmental Council applauds the "green cleaning" service. It says studies have shown that traditional cleaners can significantly de-grade air quality inside homes.
Noted Sara Leverette, Program Manager for OEC, "The government is very concerned about indoor quality as something that contributes to absenteeism, increases, asthma's attacks headaches general sickness."
But does a "green clean" clean as well as the traditional cleaning services. Sharon North uses Maid Brigade and did so well before it changed over to its green products. She says her home is as clean as it ever has been.
"I didn't notice any difference at all except that when they leave it doesn't smell as much as it used to," said Sharon.
Environmentally conscious people are starting to catch on. Here in the Portland area the Maid Brigade "green" cleans more than 1,100 homes at the same pre-green prices.



Popular maid service goes eco-friendly

06:11 PM PDT on Monday, May 12, 2008
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