Work/Life Balance Study on Housework, Infectious Disease and Work/Life Balance

December 2009

The Work/Life Balance study is a joint research venture between Maid Brigade and Mom Corps, the leader of the flexible employment market.  The two companies will use the findings collaboratively to help women improve the quality of their lives through work/life balance.  The study probes women's attitudes and behaviors toward housework, infectious disease and work/life balance.

Conducted in October 2009, the study sample size was 1,337 respondents, 97% of whom were women.  The findings are statistically valid with a 2.86% margin of error.  Among the findings:

- 72% of respondents feel they work a “2nd shift”, spending a number of hours cleaning and keeping house AFTER spending time in the paid workforce

- Just 20% of women feel they are able to maintain a proper work/life balance

- Of outside home- or family-related services to assist women achieve better work/life balance, by far the top option for women is house cleaning services (81%)

- 98% of those that use outside cleaning help, 98% say it helps them achieve better balance

- The greatest motivator for house cleaning is “to be able to enjoy my home and relax in it”, (43%), followed by “wanting a healthy, safe environment” for the family (28%)

- Two and a half times more women are concerned about transporting germs from one area to the next when cleaning as compared with women who are not concerned (49% versus 19%)

- Just 51% of women are confident their home is sanitary

- 77% are concerned about H1N1 and other infectious diseases affecting their community

- At least 58% of respondents do not observe proper disinfecting dwell times when cleaning, more than twice the number who use disinfectant cleaners correctly

For a free copy of the entire study findings and implications, download our white paper.

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