WHITE PAPER: Work/Life Balance Study Findings

December 2009

The Work/Life Balance study is a joint research venture between Maid Brigade and Mom Corps, the leader of the flexible employment market.  The two companies will use the findings collaboratively to help women improve the quality of their lives through work/life balance.  The study probes women's attitudes and behaviors toward housework, infectious disease and work/life balance.

Non-Profits Sue House Cleaning Product Manufacturers for Ingredients Disclosure

March 2009

Earthjustice, the self-proclaimed “attorney for the environment”, is suing Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Church & Dwight and Reckitt Benckiser. All four manufacturers sell house cleaning products in the State of New York. The firm asserts the companies are in violation of Chapter 6 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations, which requires disclosure of ingredients for any product sold in the State of New York. 

Maid Brigade, the nation’s first professional green cleaning service, lauds the suit for its potential to both effect policy change and build consumer awareness for the health issues surrounding conventional cleaning products.


Study Proves Maid Brigade Improves Indoor Air Quality

December 2008
ATLANTA – A recent scientific field study concluded that Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified® system removed three times more particulate matter in the home than leading competitors. Additionally, the vacuums used by Maid Brigade, a national residential cleaning company,  remove 99.9 percent of particles in the air that cause the most concern for triggering asthma and allergic reactions.

Green Clean Certified Featured on The Earth Will Remain

October 2008

Such a refreshing site to see a cleaning company becoming as green as possible.  With over 400 locations throughout North America, Maid Brigade is sweeping their good habits and products through mainstream America and Canada, all the while setting the standard for wanna-be green companies.  I ran across an interview with their Vice President, Cloud Conrad.  Here are some excerpts:

Maid Brigade Featured on

October 2008 is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future. The blog recently explored Maid Brigade's Green Clean Certified® cleaning system through an interview with the house cleaning company's Vice President for its column "Is It Green".

Maid Brigade Featured on Portland News

May 2008
Maid Brigade's Green Clean Certified System was featured on KGW in Portland. The company was applauded for its commitment to the health and well being of its customers, as well as the planet.

Maid Brigade Addresses the “Gray Area” of Green Online

October 2007, a site dedicated to informing visitors about green living, launched today as part of a continued effort by Maid Brigade to educate the public about the health benefits associated with green lifestyle choices in general, and particularly green cleaning.

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